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Non-Event Day: The Ticket Office will be open every Friday from 10AM – 2PM for walk up sales. All tickets purchased at the Ticket Office will be delivered via mobile delivery, no printed tickets will be distributed.

Event Day: The Ticket Office will only be open on ticketed event days. Opening hours on event days will be four hours prior to the scheduled ticketed time of each event. The Ticket Office is closed during Hornets games. Please call 704.688.9000 for more information.

Acceptable Forms of Payment: Spectrum Center in now Cash-Less. The Ticket Office will now only accept credit, debit, and Ready Station cash-to-card prepaid cards.

What are Reverse ATM’s: Reverse ATM's Cash-to-card kiosks will be available around the arena for quests to convert cash to prepaid debit car, for no fee. These cards can be used anywhere inside or outside of the arena.

Kiosk Locations:

  • Section 101 (Next to Guest Experience Booth)
  • Box Office Lobby
  • Section 210 at the top of the North Escalator

Mobile Ticketing: A mobile ticket is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraudulent tickets. All Spectrum Center events are utilizing Safetix™, mobile only (with limited exceptions on rescheduled events). Tickets can be viewed on smart phones using the Spectrum Center or Ticketmaster apps. For the quickest and easiest entry process, save your tickets to your phone’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay in advance of the event. Screenshots or recordings of tickets are not valid for entry. To learn more about mobile tickets, please click the link below.

What is Safetix™?
Safetix™ is a new ticket technology that ties a unique, identifiable digital barcode to each ticket on a mobile device. The ticket is secured and identified via:

  • Safetix™ Barcode: An encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes to protect tickets from being screenshot or photocopied
  • Safetix™ Wallet: This form of entry allows a contactless experience by tapping the phone against the scanner, rather than scanning a barcode. Once tickets are added to the wallet, Safetix™ Wallet further enhances security since it doesn’t reveal a barcode, eliminating the ability to take screenshots and replicate tickets.

How do I know if I have Safetix™?The Safetix™ barcode has a moving blue line that scrolls back and forth across the digital barcode. If your barcode does not have a moving blue line, the barcode is not valid for entry.

Can I print my tickets from home?No, with Spectrum Center utilizing Safetix™, all tickets are fully digital and only accessible on your mobile device. Print at home tickets (PDF) are no longer valid for entry.

Can I sell or transfer my Ticket?Yes, your ticket can be transferred in the Ticketmaster app or on Ticketmaster.com

Does the person I send the tickets to need a Ticketmaster Account?Yes. If they don’t have one already, they can easily create one in a few minutes when they accept their tickets.

Refunds and Exchanges: There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets. However, if an event is canceled or rescheduled, please contact the original point of purchase for updated ticketing details specific to that event.

What do I need to show at entry?You will need your mobile ticket barcode, available in the Spectrum Center or Ticketmaster app. We strongly recommend using the digital wallet app or your mobile device to store the ticket prior to arriving at Spectrum Center. Printed and screenshotted barcodes are not permitted and will not be valid for entry.

Buyer Beware: Ticketmaster is the only authorized ticket-seller. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com. If a customer purchases from an unauthorized entity, there is a risk in the secondary ticket market and third-party websites that the tickets may be fraudulent. Fraudulent tickets will not be honored, and the ticket holder may be turned away.

TAKE NOTE: Ticketmaster.com is the official online ticketing provider for Spectrum Center. Spectrum Center is not responsible for tickets purchased from other online sources. Tickets purchased from other sources may be invalid, more expensive, and/or ineligible for assistance. Spectrum Center is not able to honor, replace or refund any invalid tickets. Guests with invalid tickets are welcome to purchase replacement tickets based on ticket availability.