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Oct 17 / Thursday

Spectrum Center Teams with KultureCity To Create Sensory Room

October 17, 2019 – After partnering with KultureCity last year to receive Sensory Inclusive Certification, Spectrum Center this season opened a sensory room for guests with sensory sensitivities. The sensory room will be available for guests attending any event at Spectrum Center, including Hornets games. “When we started working with KultureCity last year, we knew that the next part of this initiative would be to create a sensory room where guests can get away from an event if the need arises,” said Spectrum Center General Manager Donna Julian. “This is another way that we can help ensure that guests with sensory sensitivities have a comfortable and accommodating experience when attending an event at Spectrum Center.” The sensory room, guided by experts from KultureCity, will provide an environment where guests with sensory issues can take a break from the event if needed. The room features lightly colored walls to offer a calming effect, dimmable lighting, textured wall art, special seating and privacy away from loud noises and crowds. Last year, Spectrum Center introduced KultureCity’s sensory bags, which include noise canceling headphones, fidget toys, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads. The sensory bags may be checked out free of charge at one of the Guest Experience booths outside sections 102 or 208. Guests needing assistance with sensory sensitivities can speak to any Spectrum Center team member wearing a KultureCity pin or visit one of the Guest Experience booths. As part of the partnership with KultureCity, Spectrum Center staff have been trained to recognize and accommodate guests with sensory needs.